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Why Opt for Solar Energy Solutions?

Solar Energy is a great option for those who wish to save money on a long-term perspective. Ideally, solar products are suitable to everyone and with the help of solar panels the energy requirements are taken care of with ease. You are even protected against the future escalation in electricity prices. It is an interesting fact that solar-powered equipment does not cause any pollution and is considered to be a very efficient and nature supportive clean energy solution.

What does ‘Grid’ mean?

There is a unit that is installed with solar panels called Grid. When the power is produced, it gets stored in the power grid first and then is distributed. When the power generation is more than what is required then the meter in the power grid runs backward. This means that in the event of surplus energy generation one could benefit by setting off their surplus against the electricity generation payment.

What about the maintenance of Solar Energy Systems?

Ideally these solar equipment require a very minimal amount of maintenance. It is recommended however that you just get your panels’ cleaned at-least once a year. Using a simple garden hose to spray over the panel would be sufficient. If you are not comfortable cleaning then may we request you to call an experienced service person or you may simply call us.

Does the installation of solar equipment require an expert or I can even do it myself?
We advise against trying the installations yourself unless you are a certified engineer or electrician yourself. Installations of this equipment ideally require an expert who can do the fixes without any mishaps.
What to do in the event of damage to the solar panel unit?
In even the solar panel is damaged then you need to call the help center or an expert technician urgently.
What is the space required to install the solar panel unit?
The space requirement is entirely dependent on the energy generation requirement. An expert technician would study the size of your home and total energy requirement in KW and then suggest the space required for the same.
What about winters? Are they as efficient during cold weather?
Yes they are effective during winters too. The photo voltaic system depends on the UV rays and sunlight and not heat. Compared to summers – the power generation might be reduced but it still functions very effectively during winters too.

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